How to Find the Best Investor Leads

How do you find the right combination of qualifications and incentives to generate investor contacts? This article will show you the best way to create and use Investor Leads in the most profitable ways possible. There are many ways to build up your email marketing list based on your lead capture page. The key is to get the right combination of qualifications and incentives to produce high-quality investor contacts.

investor leads

Qualifying your prospect with targeted offers such as free shares, free upgrades, or trial periods can dramatically increase your leads. The right mix of qualifying qualifications can often double your investor lead response with 90% or higher open rates. Free Insider Tips: Will email blast your potential investor leads with a promise to email them the details of a hot new offer specifically targeted to new investors.

Investor Leads with a net worth greater than one million dollars: This group of prospects is very lucrative. These prospects have proven they are serious about building a net worth of at least one million dollars. So this group makes up the most responsive investor leads. This kind of investor leads tends to be extremely high quality and ready to close quickly.

Investor Leads with a net worth of fewer than one million dollars: These investor leads are not as prolific. Most people do not consider these prospects a good bet because of their low net worth. However, there are still a few profitable niches for these prospects. Some investors are broke or have a small net worth. Usually, these are only interested in investing in mutual funds and other high-end investments. You have to remember that it takes time to build wealth.

So you want to find the best high-quality investor leads? The first thing you need to look at is the type of investment a prospect is willing to put their money in. Are they primarily involved in the buying and selling of stocks, mutual funds, or both? Do they like to take risks, or are they conservative? Once you know the difference between high and low risk, you can narrow your focus on investor leads. For instance, it is a high-risk opportunity if your prospect is interested in buying and selling stock but not in mutual funds.

Then use the information you have about this prospect to narrow down the available mutual fund investor leads. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask the candidate what they would invest. For example, if your prospect likes to invest in stocks but not in mutual funds, ask them how they make money investing in stocks versus funds. From this, you can understand which types of investments are more appealing to the prospect.

Finally, you can try to find an investment club or Facebook group that interests your prospect. Many times groups or clubs are set up for investors who have similar interests. For example, if your prospect enjoys stocks and a mutual fund group, it may be worth creating a profile on Facebook for them, linking them through to your website so they can still view your portfolio.

As you can see, it can be challenging to find good-quality investor leads. However, by following the tips above, you can significantly increase your chances of finding potential prospects that are more likely to be a good fit. Keep in mind that you will always want to be upfront with any leads you do not receive. Although you can always have another person call the prospect after filling out your lead form, it never hurts to let them know that you are contacting a potential asset you believe may be interested in. Doing this can help to ensure that you do not waste time on leads that are not going to move you in the right direction.